Jenna has lived in Los Angeles for almost 5 years, and Cortney almost 4. San Diego is 2 hours away. How is it that Cortney has only quickly visited once, and Jenna has NEVER been??!? It’s beyond us. But we decided to finally fix that, so we planned a weekend, took our friend Maddy, and headed south!

We ate DELICIOUS food, visited to cutest shops, and honestly had one of the best weekends we have in awhile. So we wanted to share what all we did, so that you can do the same!

We started off by immediately visiting the original Holy Matcha (don’t worry, we did a whole post on that – you can read here!). We then went exploring around the area we were staying. Highly recommend staying around Little Italy. It was within walking distance to so much!!

We stumbled upon THE CUTEST coffee shop that we had heard of before – Parakeet Cafe. Not only was it adorable, but the coffee and treats were sooo good. I don’t think either of us had ever had a better snickerdoodle cookie in our entire lives. Maddy got a Maple Sage Latte (!!) that was so yummy.

We found two of the cutest bars ever. One was, of course, a Tiki bar hidden inside a restaurant. If that doesn’t sound RIGHT up our alley, you don’t know us at all. It’s called False Idol, and it’s complete with (fake) thunderstorms about every half hour, and, if you’re lucky, a group of bros singing only the chorus of Country Road on repeat.

The second bar we loved is called Born and Raised. It’s this Gatsby-esque joint with the most beautiful wooden art deco style. And the drinks were SO GOOD. 10/10 would go again.

Since sushi is our love language, we were recommended to go to Bang Bang Sushi in the Gaslamp district, and we were NOT let down. It’s basically a sushi night club. Dark, and technicolored, and bumpin’ jams. Oh, and also the best bathrooms (see below).

For brunch the next day, we walked to Farmer’s Table. We got a million and one recommendations for brunch, but decided to take a risk and walk to this cute place near our hotel, and loved it!! Everything was so delicious, and the vibe was fresh and chill. Highly recommend!

After brunch, we hit the town to explore as much as we could! We hit up Pigment (which we’d been dying to go to!!), the cutest vintage shop called Bad Madge, and as many other little shops as we could find along the way.

Lastly, before we left the San Diego area, we HAD to check out the natural superbloom as well as the Carlsbad Flower Fields!! Holy goodness, it was just BEAUTIFUL to witness! The kind of stuff dreams are made of, tbh. You absolutely cannot visit SD without stopping by the flower fields. It would be a sin.

Okay, okay, we’ll leave you with that. Needless to say, we were living our best lives in the middle of those beautiful flowers and left with major sunburns to prove it.

San Diego, we’re big fans. See you soon.

Love & Flower Fields

J & C