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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ARC. All opinions are 100% mine.

So, it’s no secret if you know us. We’re busy gals. And while we don’t like to over-glorify being or staying busy, it’s just a lifestyle for us. We’re people who don’t like to sit still, so we’re always running. Taking on new projects, trying new things, and working in quality time with each other & friends as much as possible.

And because we love this kind of lifestyle (no surprise we migrated to LA, right?), a lot of everyday routine things slip our minds or can get neglected because it’s just not quite convenient enough.

Cue A

Cause let’s be real, we’re in front of the camera a lot. We’ve spoken at events. We have events where we have to network with new people. And we like coffee and red wine. 😉

Who doesn’t want a whiter smile?!

We started off with the ARC Teeth Whitening Pen. This pen is super compact, can easily fit in your clutch, purse, or even your pocket! It has a precision applicator for easy use, and can be done in 60 seconds.

We’ve also incorporated the ARC Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit recently. This kit comes with 1 blue light & 14 whitening treatments in the form of strips that adhere to your upper and lower teeth. Proven to whiten as well as a pro-level treatment so you can whiten from your couch, not from the dentist’s chair! Perfect for when you’re binging your fave show, right? 😉

ARC uses known and proven methods of teeth whitening with no extraneous ingredients, just the same enamel safe whitening ingredient dentists use. These ARC Smile Amplifier strips are proven to deliver noticeable whitening in just 3 days so your smile can reach its full potential! And you don’t have to give up coffee or wine. Win win, in our opinion!

These two products are available at your local Target, if you just need another excuse to head over to Target or shop online here!

Love & Whiter Teeth,

J & C

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