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*This post was sponsored by Wines of Germany but all opinions are our own.*

Wow, has it been a year of change or has it been a year of change?

Both of our lifestyles (and locations) have changed drastically in 2021. We’re talking going from one coast to another. If you’ve been following our journeys, you’ve seen, but if you haven’t, we’re East Coast gals now! And after the storm of difficulty that was 2020, this change was welcome for both of us. And it’s reminded us to celebrate all the good things life has to offer–big or small–and we’re happy to take you through some of those moments that we celebrated alongside Wines of Germany.

If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember the trip we took to Germany together in 2019 and how we fell in love with it and all of its wine. So we couldn’t think of a better way to “prost” to this new chapter in our lives. (btw, “prost” means “cheers” in German!)

A little bit of German wine history for ya: As one of the most northerly viticulture areas of the world, Germany numbers among the “cool climate” wine growing countries. Germany’s vineyards span 13 distinct wine regions, concentrated in the southern and southwestern part of the country. Though Germany grows hundreds of wine grape varieties, the ones that are most widely available here in the United States include Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Silvaner.

We came to New York for different reasons. Jenna moved to pursue her dream of being on Broadway and I (Cort) have dreamed about living here since high school. We always knew deep down we wouldn’t be West Coasters forever. And with Jenna here, I mean, the timing seemed perfect!

Jenna just signed a lease on a sweet apartment in Astoria, and super stoked about it! She’s sending in virtual auditions almost daily to different theatre productions, and has already booked two jobs in NY! One TV show and one movie…both of which you’ll be hearing about at a later date…

Ty & I are in the process of searching for our next home right now and just enjoying taking in the city day by day. We’re both Geminis, we love change. 😉

After over 6 months living on different coasts, it was an obvious reason for celebration when we were both finally in the same city together again! In true Whimsy fashion, I wheeled my luggage in and Jenna had a glass of this NV Markus Molitor Riesling Sekt waiting for me. Did you know that “Sekt” is the German name for sparkling wine? This one was from Germany’s famous Mosel region.

Bubbles were the perfect way to say “Yay, you’re here!” to Cort and also “Yay, you just signed a lease on a killer apartment!” to Jenna. And also… “Now let’s hit the ground running!”

In true NY fashion, one of the first things we did…? Pizza and wine! We went to one of Jenna’s favorite spots in Astoria, Milkflower. Really unique, delicious pizza and you can BYOB! We chose to pair the 2018 Weingut Becker Pfalz Pinot Gris with the Stun Dunn Pizza. Even though the wine is a fruit-forward Pinot Gris (i.e., Pinot Grigio), this one sees skin contact and is comparable to a summer rosé. The resulting wine has a faint blush or pale copper shade due to the pink hue of the skin of the Pinot Gris grape. YUM!

For the final celebratory adventure for the first week of living on the same coat, we packed a picnic basket and headed to Central Park. One thing we both love about NYC is how many parks it has EVERYWHERE and how green it is. And we’re entering into that late summer not too hot/not too cold weather, so we decided to take full advantage. For an early evening picnic we had the obvious: cheese, crackers, chocolate, and wine. The wine we chose was the Prost Dry Riesling, and it was the perfect food-friendly companion for light evening sips and bites. From Rheinhessen – Germany’s biggest wine region – this dry Riesling was just the way to celebrate in Central Park.

We sat, stared up at the city skyline, said “Wow I can’t believe we’re both here. We LIVE here.” about a thousand times. It felt so nice to just soak up each other’s company and do nothing for an hour or two—something we haven’t been able to do since last winter.

All in all, the most perfect bff hangs in our new city, having a blast exploring and trying new wines. Literally can’t complain. #GermanWinePartner


J & C

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