Most Instagrammable Spots at EWR Airport

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*This post is sponsored by United, but all opinions are our own*

On our trip to NYC this past December, we had the LUXURY of flying and out of the EWR airport in Newark with United Premium Plus on this new transcontinental route from LAX-EWR. It’s barely farther from the city than any other airport in the area, and it is just so nice, and clean, and surprisingly cute! And who would’ve thought we would have had some of the best food of our trip at an AIRPORT?! But oh boy, we did. We’re going to take you around to the most picture-worthy finds in the airport, and show you the tastiest eats, too.


If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know we LOVE a speakeasy, or really anything that’s hidden. CLASSIFIED is a restaurant inside of another restaurant in the airport. It’s invite only, but you can request to be invited. The likes of Lady Gaga and other celebs have been here, so you know it’s legit. The decor is moody and vintage-feeling. You have an amazing view of the planes outside and the skyline in the distance. And the FOOOOOD. *drool* We had champagne and an amuse-bouche (that Chandler Bing would call “very a-moo-zing”). Then, for the main course, we had scallops on a bed of farro and apparently magic. Holy yum. Also, it should be known that every restaurant at EWR has vegan and gluten-free options. We could go on forever about this place, but we digress.

Just outside of the dining room is a dark hallway with linear lights on the walls, perfect for an IG photo op. Don’t forget to check out the bathrooms, complete with tile on the floor with a cute saying. Y’all, they didn’t miss anything here.

Okay, okay, on to the next spot.

Honeycomb Wall

This is the wall behind Caps Beer Garden in the C120 gate area. Hot tip: bring a foldable tripod for your phone and set it up directly in front of you, so it’s not seen in the mirrored wall. And can we talk about this perfect lighting? In an airport??! *praise hands*


You know ya girls love a good marg. And Tacquila. Oh my goodness. This is the largest tequila bar in the state of New Jersey. Yes, you heard us right. You can find it in the C120 gate area. They have hundreds of varieties of Tequila and they are one of only two bars in the state that carries the highly coveted Clase Azul Ultra Anejo tequila (a 750 ml bottle goes for about $1,500). Walking up to the bar, it’s just amazingly overwhelming. If you like tequila, THIS is the place.

Global Bazaar

Okay. So the Global Bazaar houses several different restaurants in the C70 gate area. First, we stopped at Kaedama and met up with the owner. He is Italian and also lived several years in Japan. Mix those together, and you get this incredible ramen spot with fresh pasta made daily right in front of you.

Next, we went to Melange Bakery. Through a huge window, you can see chocolate creations come to life. Jenna got to try her hand at making a chocolate casing for a round chocolate cake dessert. They also have huge versions of cookies and pastries here – a perfect prop for your #travelgram.

Don’t worry, Jenna didn’t actually put her mouth under the chocolate spout. But the temptation was real 😉

Lastly, we stocked up on some sushi to-go from Tsukiji Fishroom to bring on our flight. They fly the fish in fresh from Japan EVERYDAY. Sushi is our love language, so we were in heaven. Cortney even got to make her own roll of sushi. Do we trust her with that huge knife? Jury’s still out on that one.

If you get a chance to visit the United Club, you’ll get a great view looking down into the Bazaar. Highly recommend. Honestly, we might go back for another vacay and just hang out at the airport the whole time. 😉

Love & travels,

J & C

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