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Heyyyyy there, it’s been awhile since I did a personal post/check in on here! (Jenna here) I’m currently in NY working on a TV show. YAY! It’s a show I’ve wanted to be a part of for a long time, and I can’t wait to share more about it.

I bought a one-way ticket to NY because filming is notorious for switching dates a lot, which has proved to be true in this case. I’m subletting an apartment in Crown Heights, which is in Brooklyn. Though I’ve been to NY a bazillion times, I really haven’t spent much time in Brooklyn, so I was excited to explore a new area.

NY feels reeaaaallyyy weird during this Covid era. Not seeing a Broadway show or taking some dance classes while I’m here feels so bizarre. Not to mention, that the buzz of the city is just not the same right now (for good reason). But I feel really lucky to be here and have a change of pace/scenery! Just walking around my area and looking at the architecture is frickin amazing!

Okay, on to my day of exploration! It was a beautiful day, the first day of Spring!, and I made myself a little itinerary of highly rated + cute little shops to visit. I invited my lifelong friend, Cassie, to join on my adventure, since she’s the only person I’ve been around without a mask (after quarantining plus like a million negative Covid tests on set).

First stop – Gran Caffe de Martini – for coffee and a delicious little zucchini quiche.

Then for lunch, we headed down the street to Nourish for Thai food and a cocktail. Their outdoor seating area was SO CUTE and not crowded at all. We got the Crispy Spring Rolls, Veggie Pad Thai, and Bamee Moo Dang Poo, which was on the “Secret Grandma Recipe” menu, and it was all soooo tasty. We also got a Butterfly Pea Spritzer, which was delish AND the prettiest lavender color. And we also ordered some sake, cause we were feeling’ good 😉

We stopped in the cutest vintage store called 1 of a Find. They specialize in home things, vintage tea sets, and also have a curated clothing section. They also have a sister store on the same block that serves a high tea! (Reservation only as of right now).

One place I was super excited to visit was Park Delicatessen. They are a skate/flower/gift shop, which is the most random and amazing combination to me. I picked up a bouquet, some socks, a cute lighter, and a little bar of chocolate. See? Random and amazing. Also, look how cute!

We then wandered to Marche Rue Dix. It’s a Black-owned shop that has clothes, jewelry, gifts, beauty products, AND a nail salon in the back! (They also have a cafe next door!)

To finish my day, I picked up a bottle of red from Simple Syrup Wine & Spirits. They’re only doing curbside service right now, but the employee that I talked to helped me pick out something I haven’t tried before, and it’s delicious!

Just walking around was an event…SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Thanks for exploring Crown Heights with me! Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.



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