Guide to Astoria, NY Part 1

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So now you know, I’m staying in New York for the long haul! I landed (for now) in Astoria, Queens. My bestie, Cassie, lives here, and it kinda feels like a second home anyways. I signed a short-term lease so that I could get my footing and really decide where I wanna plant roots. SO. I’m kind of using these “guides” as a way to share my explorations! Since I’ll be living in Astoria, and I already have a list of more places, there might be several parts to this post lol.

Side B Boutique

Side B is a women owned store that carries 90% women-owned brands! There a mix of vintage and new AND a little shop-in-shop book store! They also have random and cute home things. A little bit of everything! I’ve gotten some amazing jewelry and a super cute mask here. Also, the owner is a fellow Okla-homie. 🙂

Queens Bakehouse

Queens Bakehouse is a must for your Astoria explorations. Quite possible the best croissant I’ve had. They also have a ton of delicious vegan options, like this raspberry tart OR the pb&j oreo that rocked my world.


Okay, Lockwood is cool for lots of reasons. I LOVE kitschy stores with lots of quirky home stuff. But like nice stuff. You know what I mean. I could spend a loootttt of time (read money) in here. Mugs, candles, jewelry, one-hitters, tv-themed things, a whole baby section in the back! I love it. ALSO they have a paper/stationary store next door AND a little clothing boutique around the corner. Big fan. Must go.


Full disclosure, Milkflower is NOT a classic New York slice. But! It *is* a frickin delicious pizza, and you will be so glad you went, holy cow. I ordered the Van Dammer and also the Stun Dunn to go, and they were both sooooo good. Also, it is real cute in there.

The Highwater

This is my new spot. I first went to The Highwater on a random Tuesday with Cassie. It’s like a Tiki/Mexican restaurant, so they were doing taco Tuesday! I had the *best* Kalua Pork tacos and their margs are perfect. And I’m picky about my margaritas. I’ve been back a few times already for some solo dates. My new favorite thing to do is read a book at a bar/outdoor restaurant by myself. I’ve had a few different cocktails there, but my favorite is the Die Another Day, it’s a hibiscus/tequlia dream. You’re welcome.

Okay! That’s Astoria part 1 for you. Lemme know if you go!!



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  • Leah Cotham
    October 16, 2021

    Jenna! I am SO glad you landed in one of the best neighborhoods in the five boroughs. Astoria, is easily the most diverse, fun, and interesting places.