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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterl<ss. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our job doesn’t consist of your typical schedule. Being freelance, work-for-ourselves kind of gals means our days can be pretty unpredictable, especially this time of year. No day looks the same and we like that, but it can occasionally make it difficult to fit normal things like, oh ya know, washing your hair, into our schedules.

Every grown woman knows that washing your hair is an ordeal. It’s something you have to plan for. You know all those old movies/tv shows where the girl gets out of a date by saying, “Oh, I can’t. I have plans to wash my hair.”…. WE GET IT NOW. And having both lived in LA for five years now, we understand the importance of conserving as much water as possible—which is why we try to stretch our hair in between washes.

Cue Waterl<ss. We’re no strangers to dry shampoo but finding a brand that supports this mission of saving water was definitely something that drew our attention. Waterl<ss started with a small team of scientists who were looking to improve the entire non-wash day experience for a diverse group of people with different hair types. They were originally presented with the perfect opportunity to complete the test phase of their products in Cape Town, South Africa, in January of 2018—the same month that the city announced they were approximately 3 months away from running out of their water supply. The Waterl<ss team wanted to do their part to help. The goal was to create a line of products for a wide range of hair types in order to stretch the time frame between wash days, and to provide clean, conditioned, great smelling hair without using a single drop of water!

SO! We’re going to show you how we integrate the process of dry shampoo and conditioner into our everyday schedule.

We mentioned that this month is extra crazy for us. It’s holiday season, the end of the year, and we’re finishing up all projects we have lined up for 2019. So, our days have consisted of a lot of conference calls, running around, and then rushing to get ready for events or holiday parties at night, without a lot of time to get ready in between.

After a particularly hectic day of shooting and answering multiple calls/emails, Waterl<ss came in clutch for speeding up our getting ready process for an event in the evening.


Legitimately struggling to remember if it’s been 4 or 5 days since the last hair wash. But as we said, typical us. 😉 Flat hair, a little greasy, but still decked out in our fluffy robes. We basically are relying solely on Waterl<ss to get us ready for tonight.

A little dry shampoo, a spritz or two of dry conditioner, a good bit of teasing, and our hair is retro and ready to go for the night! No residue, no foam, nothing! Just *seemingly* clean hair. 😉


Still might go out in our pink robes. Haven’t fully decided yet.

But not having to wash our hair gave us the time to vamp up our makeup, help each other pick out some fun outfits, and dance around while we got ready together—all of our favorite things! And we love that the Waterl<ss team shares our thoughts on water conservation.

Don’t be surprised if you see us with this dry shampoo and conditioner always in our bags.

Love & More Love

J & C


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